Monday, October 03, 2016

So Far So Good a three month traverse of the Southern Alps

The story of a youthful adventure coupled with a thoughtful reflection, of a three-month traverse of the Southern Alps by pre-eminent New Zealand landscape photographer Craig Potton and three friends

In 1980, pre-eminent New Zealand landscape photographer Craig Potton, traversed the Southern Alps, a three-month tramping and mountaineering trip that started at Milford Sound and ended in
Nelson Lakes National Park. Now, over 35 years later, Craig Potton recounts the experience in So Far, So Good. In part, this is the story of four friends embarking on a youthful adventure in the mountains, dealing with all of the challenges that travelling in this environment presents. But it is also a thoughtful reflection on what it means to spend an extended period of time in the wilderness. Heavily illustrated with photographs taken on the trip, this is a book for anyone with an interest in tramping and mountaineering, and the experience of wild places.

CRAIG POTTON is one of New Zealand’s best-known landscape photographers, and a noted conservationist. He is the author of many New Zealand books, including the best-selling
New Zealand Aotearoa, Lost in New Zealand, New Zealand’s Wilderness Heritage (with Les Molloy), Craig Potton New Zealand and Moment and Memory. Craig’s profile has increased over
recent years, as he has established himself as a TV presenter, with two documentary series on wild rivers and wild coasts screening on prime-time television to widespread acclaim

Hardback PLC with French-fold jacket
Potton & Burton

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