Sunday, October 02, 2016

'Getting Lost in the Tattered Cover'


Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver, Colo., is "the kind of place where you can get the answers to everything, or just whisk yourself away to some far off place," Channel 2 Daybreak reported, adding that the bookseller "is one of Denver's most notable spots for bookworms and visitors alike, and it's unique to Colorado."

Incoming owner Len Vlahos, who with wife Kristen is in the process of taking over the Tattered Cover from longtime owner Joyce Meskis, said, "When Joyce designed these stores, she really designed them to feel like you're in your living room or a friend's living room. The seven locations across the city are "really the beating heart of Denver's literary scene.... Is there anything sort of more fun than getting lost in a bookstore for a couple hours?"

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