Friday, October 14, 2016

FESTA, vibrant weekend celebration of urban creativity in Christchurch Labour Weekend.

Freerange Press is proud to present several projects at this year’s FESTA, the vibrant weekend celebration of urban creativity that takes place in Christchurch Labour Weekend.

In keeping with the theme, We Have The Means, which focuses on making the most of the resources available to us in terms of our people and reusable materials, Freerange brings a human library together and explores the ways to make our institutions better.

First up is Talking Books, which runs 2-4pm on Saturday 22 October at the In Situ Photo Project, which sits just outside of Scorpio Books. This project brings together a collection of passionate experts on a range of topics – from the state of the city through to music, birthing and buying train tickets in India. People are invited to pick a title and explore its subject via a twenty-minute, one-on-one conversation with a human talking book.

Freerange Press is also running a symposium called The Bureaucratic Love Session (1-4pm, Sunday 23 October) at the Space Academy. In this speaker session different voices come together to instigate and nurture a dialogue around the means and ends of institutions, asking the questions: Do institutions matter? And if so, how can we take better care of them? How can we help improve existing institutions in Christchurch, globally and in our own lives?

This series of speakers is followed by the launch of FreerangeVol. 11: Institutional Love, which explores and advocates for a more nuanced and caring approach to institutions – fitting in with this year’s FESTA theme of making the most of the means we already have available to us.

There are over 30 events to participate in at FESTA 2016, from speaker sessions, dinner and dancing and workshops through to city-making tours. Visit for the full programme.

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