Thursday, October 06, 2016

A book buyer by any other Marcus Greville

The Read, Booksellers NZ

 Talk to booksellers and you’ll hear about customer interactions that range from the transformative to the grotesque; there are stories that will curl your toes, rupture laughing organs, or bring a tear to your eye. Most booksellers have favourite customers, customers that make them hide, and customers that make them laugh or, occasionally, cry. 

Is it possible to talk about the ‘average customer’? Or to look up some sort of index that provides concrete information on designated subgroups of personalities that will reap the most positive community and/or financial benefits? Failing that, could we just focus on the nice customers? Or the wealthy ones? Or the interesting ones? I had a chat to some of my most experienced friends in bookselling, as well as interrogating my own 20 years of experience, to bring you some wisdom on this subject. 

 (Image above taken in Vic Books Kelburn, copyright Matt Bialostocki) 

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