Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Rakuten Shuttering Its U.K. Marketplace
The Japanese e-tailer Rakuten has announced that its U.K. marketplace operation will be offline by August. Formerly known as, the website, which Rakuten bought five years ago, was once the country's second-largest online retailer of books.
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Aussie Booksellers Join Fight Against U.S./U.K. Book Imports
The Australian Booksellers Association, working with various Australian publishers, is protesting a government proposal to allow booksellers to import U.S. and U.K. books without restrictions. Currently, booksellers must wait 30 days after publication overseas to import the books.
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Lammy Award Winners Announced: The winners of the 28th Annual Lambda Literary Awards include 'New Yorker' writer Hilton Als and poet Eileen Myles.

'Beowulf' Manuscript Digitized: The British Library has digitized the sole existing manuscript of 'Beowulf,' which is now accessible to the public online.

Beyoncé and African Literature: On the use of Beyoncé’s celebrity power to elevate African artists relatively unknown to the U.S. and Europe.

Germans Are Buying More Books Online: Germany's massive book market may be making the transition to online purchases, in both e-book and paper formats.

Sloan Crosley Reads "The Necklace": In a new series in which writers look back on a work of art they first encountered long ago, Crosley revisits Maupassant.

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