Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Roundup with PW

Authors Stand for Fair Use Against 'NYT': Forced to pay $1,884 to incorporate three quotes from the 'New York Times' in their book, two professors are making a stand.

When Pop Culture Fades, Critics Don't: Will anyone read Chuck Klosterman in 100 years? Can you name a critic from 1916?

James Patterson, Literacy Prophet: James Patterson would like you to read, just like he did, growing up as "a little literary snob."

Girls, Girls, Grrrrrls: Why are female friendships written so hot and bothered while male friendships are pure bromance?

#RumiWasntWhite: 'Gladiator' screenwriter David Franzoni is working on a film about the Persian poet Rumi—and is eying, of all people, Leo DiCaprio.

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