Tuesday, June 07, 2016

NZ Books Winter (No. 114)


Michele A’Court tackles Dan Carter’s story

Owen Marshall frames Wilkins’s Dad Art

Katie Pickles sees women’s history made visible

Jock Phillips disinters the dead past

plus sex, politics and religion

‘If Dan Carter wrote one of the gospels, the part about the crucifixion would go: “Some of the guys let Jesus down a bit and he had a rough couple of days, but he came back ok. All good.” ’ Michele A’Court on Dan Carter, My Story.

As you can see, the Winter issue of New Zealand Books Pukapuka Aotearoa has everything – sex, politics, religion, sport...

Catherine Robertson and Brian Easton continue the debate on reviewing sparked by Iain Sharp’s remarks in The Spin-Off, and Paula Morris presents the recently formed Academy of New Zealand Literature.  Reviews of YA books by YA readers feature too, backing up our new Hooked on NZ Books He Ano Ano website.

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