Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Mindfulness on the Run

1 June 2016, RRP  - $24.99 - Exisle Publishing

Mindfulness on the Run
Quick, Effective Mindfulness Techniques For Busy People

Packed full of practical exercises that can be done in minutes, this is mindfulness that can be done anywhere, anytime without the need for formal meditation practice.

We all know how good mindfulness practice is for us, but how do you implement it in your life if you’re so busy that you simply don’t have time for anything else?
Working from a state of stress is difficult and inefficient, you might get things done but it is exhausting and damages your health and happiness.  

This is precisely where Mindfulness on the Run can help. As a busy psychologist, wife and mother, Dr Chantal Hofstee has developed a quick, effective program that enables you to slot mindfulness into your life without the need for formal meditation practice. 

Auckland based Dr Chantal Hofstee is a clinical psychologist, who works in both the private and corporate sectors. She uses the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness to provide her clients with easy-to-use skills that can be quickly and effectively implemented to change their lives.

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