Monday, June 13, 2016

For Whom the Hemingway Headline Tolls


By Richard Horgan 
How do you make the general subject matter of Ernest Hemingway jump out on a millennial’s smartphone? The New York Post’s clever gambit is to headline the item “Why Hemingway’s Grandson Will Never Grow a Beard.”

Does Edward Hemingway, a 47-year-old author based in Brooklyn (pictured), have some strange inability to grow facial hair? Was he traumatized at an early age by a crazy person with a face full of whiskers? Not quite:
“Relatives and Hemingway aficionados tell me that of [all] the grandchildren, I look the most like him,” he says. “It’s flattering, but for that reason I probably will never grow a beard.”
Hemingway’s latest children’s book, Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus, is out this week. In Hailey Eber’s informative piece, he also reveals that it wasn’t until he traveled to Cuba at the beginning of the millennium that he authentically connected with the legacy of his famous grandfather and that he is currently working on a book with Mariel Hemingway

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