Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Family Violence - lifing New Zealand's dark cloud

Aotearoa New Zealand is no longer the Land of the Long White Cloud. These days it is covered by a very dark one indeed. In just 40 years New Zealand has dropped from being the safest country in the world to the most violent in the OECD. Our family violence rate is such that every minute of every day someone is suffering abuse. Men, women and children all over the country – irrespective of the colour of their skin, their race or religion, or their socio-economic status.

The terrible truth is that so much of it is happening within the family unit. Too often the violence is extreme with murder on the domestic front now so commonplace that a case is reported on average every 12 days. No one knows this better than author David White, (right),whose daughter Helen was murdered by her husband not so many years ago. David's book, Family Violence, is about taking steps to end this vicious cycle and since 2011 he has been actively campaigning on the subject. 

Imprint:                       Renaissance Publishing
Distribution:               David Bateman Ltd
Extent:                        144pp
Binding:                       paperback
ISBN:                            978-0-9941334-0-3
Pub date:                    June 2016
RRP:                             $25.00

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