Thursday, June 02, 2016

But it's nothing like the book! Why film adaptations rarely stay faithful

It's a rare thing for a film adaptation to retain the spirit of a novel - has the new film version of Jojo Moyes' bestseller Me Before You cracked it? and will it get slammed by critics anyway?
The film industry loves to suckerfish on the back of a bestseller, feeding off the ready-made audience that comes with a successful book. A “based on the novel” movie virtually guarantees  bums on cinema seats, even if a feature-length film must abridge and alter a much-loved story.

It is rare that a film is pronounced “faithful” to the novel, however. But the whispers coming out of preview screenings of Me Before You suggest that the adaption of Jojo Moyes’ 8 million-selling novel of the same name is as near as dammit. The novel is a textbook tearjerker filled with the kind of soppy meeting of souls and lovelorn impossibility that could have been written by Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook, A Walk To Remember) but with a gratifying dose of British humour.

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