Thursday, December 04, 2014

Mark Hubbard's Literary Ramble

Prolific blogger Mark Hubbard, also a regular sender of comments to my blog, advises he has "written a literature post that will be (pretty much) universally reviled.

Literary Ramble IV: A Disquisition on Our Literature and JM Keynes – Standing Upright Here.

You can check it out via this link: (Be warned, it runs to 18,000 words)


Unknown said...

So what is that all about Graham? That liberterians don't write novels?

Mark Hubbard said...

Hah. That was the chicken and egg question I asked toward the end: you might not have made it that far.

I reckon there are as many non-left (I'm not right wing) as left blogs: I bet half those non-left bloggers have a novel in their bottom drawer.

But I wasn't saying that. Just that the world-view that seeps into our literature and exists behind the text is a progressive one, and that 'must' alienate all those of us who lives reject the progressive metaphysics, as the lives in our fiction are not our lives.

That's why one whole section toward the end of my post (which you'd have to have got to again ;) ) is my experience with business clients almost none of whom read literary fiction. Our literature needs to answer why not, and why, for example, the Book Awards can't find private sector sponsors who can justify a big enough nexus between their customers and read books to warrant them sponsoring.

Although I answered to both those questions also. It's all in that post, you just need to read to the end. (Like a book, for instance.)

Cheers for the comment. (Apologies for the typos; this is a very small box I'm typing in.)