Friday, April 05, 2013

Gang history, Patched, hits the Top 10 and reprints five days after release

For the first time, Auckland University Press’s is reprinting a book after just five days in stores.

A run on Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand, by long-time gang confidante Jarrod Gilbert has seen the warehouse empty of stock less than a week after release.

Patched leapt immediately to number 10 on the general bestseller list, third of the New Zealand books in the Top 10 and beating out Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals and the Road Code.

What has generated this passion for Patched? Perhaps the extraordinary book launch bringing together members of the Black Power, Rebels, Devil’s Henchmen, the Mongrel Mob and the Road Knights for first time. Perhaps remarkable media interest across television, radio and print, supported by Jarrod Gilbert’s facebook page ( where readers can engage with him directly. Perhaps the continuing relevance of issues covered in the book – such as the on-going story at Moerewa in Northland and new calls for patch bans in various parts of New Zealand. And perhaps because it’s a powerful and engaging history told from the inside of a critical part of New Zealand life.

“The launch of Patched in Christchurch showed the respect that our author Jarrod Gilbert has gained over 10 years of research– it was a room full of people from Black Power and Devil’s Henchmen to the legal profession, policymakers and private investigators,” says publisher Sam Elworthy.

“Jarrod knows the world of gangs from the inside and he tells the stories straight. We’re thrilled that readers have taken to this powerful book with such enthusiasm.”

Reprinted stock will be available on 28 April. 

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