Friday, April 26, 2013

I Love My Kindle. Am I a Dinosaur?

In 2012, Brazil became the latest battleground for the big international ebooksellers. Ebook sales have since skyrocketed, with Apple in the early lead ahead of Amazon.
It only took a few years for the Kindle to go from cutting-edge to old-fashioned. At the risk of looking like a tech dinosaur, Hannah Johnson still prefers the Kindle.
More News from PP:
The 2013 International Prize for Arabic Fiction of $50,000 goes to Saud Alsanousi for his book, The Bamboo Stalk, about foreign workers in the Gulf Region.
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From the Archives:
Agency pricing is all but dead and in the UK its aftermath has taught the industry with some hard lessons. It left many fearing even greater dominance by Amazon.

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