Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What Happens When Publishing Takes on Scientology

Two new exposés on the Church of Scientology are published this month. In the UK Transworld cancelled theirs, while Silverfish is going ahead. Here's why.
Should Transworld have published Lawrence Wright's Scientology exposé in the UK in spite of the threat of a libel lawsuit? Or was cancellation pragmatic? Take our survey.
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More News from Publishing Perspectives:
Porter Anderson curates the best web clips for authors, including Random House's Facebook success, male vs. female genre writing, self-publishing success in the UK and more.
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Join Publishing Perspectives’ examination of William Shakespeare's works on our blog, The Plays The Thing, as we begin our study of Hamlet.
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From the Archives:
Named after a beloved but deceased pet, Barcelona’s Blackie Books is a surprisingly successful independent publisher of cult fiction, poetry, and illustration.
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