Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Mereleigh Record Club Tour of Japan

Roy Vaughan's second  novel in the Mereleigh Record Club trilogy  'The Mereleigh Record Club Tour of Japan'  has just been released and picks up the group of 60 something  year old friends on a tour to Japan to assist in a charity fund raiser. 
The Mereleigh group who are friends since their rock and roll days go to Fukuoka, southern Japan at the invitation of a similar group.  The best laid plans go astray with a serious misunderstanding between the two groups and a sudden request from a UK friend of one of the Mereleigh Group to try and track down a missing entertainer daughter in Japan who may be in the clutches of the yakuza.

In the novel the Mereleigh group experience a baptism of fire  in dealing with cultural differences  and a disaster on almost every front as soon as they arrive in Tokyo. Roy Vaughan has brought his own  extensive experience of Japan into play to add realism and colour to the yarn.
His first book was ' The Mereleigh record Club Tour of New Zealand.

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