Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rugby League and The Reading Agency join forces to champion reading

The Reading Agency is celebrating a major new partnership with the Rugby League World Cup in 2013, to promote and run its Six Book Challenge for less confident readers in locations used by rugby league fans. 

Championing the drive to sign more readers up to the potentially life-changing benefits of enjoying reading is top rugby league player and England international Jamie Jones-Buchanan, who has become a Six Book Challenge ambassador.
On offer are specially branded materials featuring Jamie and his support for the Six Book Challenge. These equip public libraries, colleges, workplaces and prisons to take the Challenge to sports fans who might not otherwise pick up a book and enjoy it, in the run-up to the Rugby League World Cup 2013 international tournament this autumn. The materials include quotes from Jamie and book recommendations at all levels for rugby league enthusiasts.
Jamie only got into reading in his 20s and went on to take a degree in sports science at Leeds Metropolitan University. He is married with three children and reads to them regularly. He says:
"When I was young I used to see other people reading, especially girls, and I always wished I could read like that. But for me at that age it was futile - I would start reading something but I'd get to the end of the page and I'd have forgotten what I read.

"Now I read with my three sons as often as I can. I think it is important for them to have reading as something that happens regularly in their life and it's great when they come to me and say "Daddy I want a story." At their age they are like sponges and they soak so much up, so reading regularly is really important for them.

"My life is more rounded now because of reading. I take things from everything I read; each book is a new experience. My message to any rugby league fans out there thinking of signing up for the Six Book Challenge would be just give it a go. Don't be shy or embarrassed, even if you haven't read for a long time. No one will be judging you and it can only bring you good things.”
The Six Book Challenge invites adult literacy learners and less confident readers to read six books and record their reading in a diary in order to receive a certificate.
The Six Book Challenge also has the full support of the organisers of the Rugby League World Cup 2013. "We're using this next major UK sporting event after the Olympics to inspire, motivate and educate as many people as possible," says Marketing Manager Mark Foster. "The Six Book Challenge is an important part of this." Organisations running the Six Book Challenge will have the opportunity to bid for events featuring the World Cup trophy and key players.  

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