Friday, January 04, 2013

Right. Time for you lot to start pulling your weight

Picked up this nice piece of self-promotion from The Dim - Post blog ! Good luck Danyl, I like your style and am looking forward to your novel.

"I’ve written a novel and it’s being published by VUP next July.

unspeakable-draft-front__39486.1355192804.1280.1280Now, I’m not threatening you guys, exactly, but no one wants this to become one of those writers’ blogs with endless updates about sales (‘Number 65 on the New Zealand bestseller list!’) or links to interviews (‘Here I am in the Jetstar in-flight magazine!’) and the easiest way to avoid this will be for Dim-Post readers to just pony-up and buy this book on pre-order when it goes on sale next year."

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Claire G said...

Also of literary interest: the blogger's latest endeavour at is 'The Love Song of J Key Prime Minister', and it is no coincidence that the title is reminiscent of Eliot's famous poem about J Alfred Prufrock.