Saturday, January 19, 2013

Morrissey signals to fans his autobiography is coming, but who is publishing it?


Morrissey extends a hand to fans. Starbright
 Jan. 17, 2013

The cult that surrounds Morrissey, the legendary former lead singer of '80s British band The Smiths, has had to satisfy itself these past few years with the 53-year-old heartthrob's continued touring and other bits of Morrisseyana.

Without a record deal in sight, the clamor for more "Moz," as the singer is known to fans, has therefore begun to focus on his long-awaited autobiography, which publishers have reportedly been jostling to sign.

Morrissey revealed almost two years ago that he had completed the 660-page book. How attractive it is to publishers is probably, in part, a question of whether he deals with his enigmatic sexual identity or with the acrimonious split of the internationally beloved Smiths; inside a tighter circle of ardent fans, who follow the singer on tour with the dedication of old Dead Heads, 660 pages of his signature Wildean wit and pithy apothegms is, probably, plenty.

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