Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cultural Homogeneity and the Future of Literary Translation

"A creeping homogenization" and generic international content and style is depleting the cultural integrity of literary prose and translation, argues Burton Pike.
As the world is being set up to facilitate frictionless commercial transactions between diverse cultures, is literary fiction losing its role?
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More News from Publishing Perspectives:
More children are going digital, according to Scholastic's latest study, and the percentage of boys reading passionately and for fun is up, while girls are down.
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Porter Anderson's weekly curation of some of the best author-centric news laments the lack of authors' voices at DBW 2013 and considers Book Country's relaunch.
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From the Archives:
Open Letter Books has published their database of all the translations in the US for 2012 (so far). Dalkey leads the pack of publishers, with AmazonCrossing in second.
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