Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Few Inches of Fringe

  • We are looking for short performance pieces with minimal set/tech for a day of performances during the 2013 Fringe Festival (February 23rd). We want to expand the Fringe to people who might not have a long piece, but are passionate about their work and want a chance to perform! We welcome a diverse range of applicants, from actors and musicians to poets, dancers, rappers, fire swallowers and all other performers!

    The event will be free and is intended to give performers the chance to share a short work in front of an audience. So if you have a short piece (5 - 20 minutes) that you would like to put in front of an audience, please email us at anotherfewinches@gmail.com with a short description of your proposal. Join the fun!

    Wellington, New Zealand

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Heri said...

A joint offer for you, for the day of the show during the Fringe Festival 2013 which was held on February 23.