Pauline Esther Friedman Phillips, the woman who started the iconic “Dear Abby” advice column, has died. She was 94 years old.
Phillips began the column in 1956, answering questions from people around the world. She wrote six books, including  Dear Abby, The Best of Dear Abby and Where Were You When President Kennedy was Shot?
Her column has inspired more than 20 songs, and we’ve created a Spotify playlist of “Dear Abby” songs below… 

Here’s more from her official obituary:
In her column, Mrs. Phillips championed equal rights for women, minorities, people with mental illness and those who are physically challenged. The column has promoted AIDS awareness and education, hospice care, the living will, organ donation and also raised awareness about gender apartheid suffered by women in Afghanistan … Mrs. Phillips, whose family nickname was “Popo,” wrote under the pen name of Abigail Van Buren. The name “Abigail” was taken from the wise woman in the Old Testament and “Van Buren” was adopted in honor of one of her favorite presidents.
20 Songs Inspired by Dear Abby 
John Prine – Dear Abby
George Jackson – Dear Abby
Clarence Carter – Dear Abby
Bakelite 78 – Dear Abby
Rocknoceros – Dear Abby
The Hearts – Dear Abby
The Graveyard Boulevard – Dear Abby’s Goat
Qadeer – Dear Abby
Shine 4 – Dear Abby
The Hearts – Dear Abby
TV Neats – Dear Abby
Wendy Gelsanliter – Dear Abby
Kristen Graves – Dear Abby
Derek Martin – Dear Abby, From Mel & Ruth
James Hooker – Dear Abby
The Quiet Side – Dear Abby
Richard Hall – What Ever Happened To Dear Abby
Hearts – Dear Abby
Wes Weddell – Dear Abby
Robyn Habel – Dear Abby