Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10 Strategies for Publishers to Succeed and Survive

Guy Kawasaki says traditional publishers need to "think about maximizing sales not minimizing losses" and offers 10 strategies to put them back on the right path.
Every book published each season is its own startup. By adopting some of the principles that drive Silicon Valley, publishers really don't have anything to lose.
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More News from Publishing Perspectives:
Having the proper work environment is a simple thing, but key towards becoming a better technologist. Here are a few key concepts and set-ups to consider.
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Porter Anderson's weekly column previews this week's Digital Book World Conference, asks whether publishers keep their shirts on, and much more.
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From the Archives:
Chad Post's keynote to the IPA Congress in Cape Town addresses the numerous paradoxes in contemporary publishing and prescribes taking a new, engaged attitude.
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