Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 Fictional Libraries I’d Love to Visit

January 18th, 2013 - by Ellyssa Kroski - OEDb

1.) Sunnydale High School Library

Although this high school library was located directly on top of a Hellmouth, it had some amazing special collections not to mention an incredibly knowledgeable Head Librarian, Rupert Giles who was also a member of the Watchers Council. This cozy library’s occult collection held titles such as Vampyr, The Writings of Dramius, Blood Rites and Sacrifices, and The Legends of Vishnu as well as a book cage which held an armory of weapons and occasionally restrained a transforming werewolf. This headquarters of Buffy’s “Scooby Gang” is one I’d definitely like to visit! Read more about this library here.

2.) The Jedi Temple Library

Containing the Jedi Archives, a vast collection of ancient knowledge and research dating back thousands of years, this library restricts access to members of the Jedi Order, with some materials only accessible to the Jedi High Council. The library consists of eight halls converging like the spokes of a wheel at a central rotunda and houses millions of holobooks and data sticks. Although I won’t be on Coruscant anytime soon to visit this library, I do have the option to visit the next best thing which is the Long Room at Trinity College Library (pictured below) which looks amazingly similar! Read more about the Jedi Library here.


 3.) The Breakfast Club Library

This iconic movie library is actually a beautiful space with a central circular reading room lit around the center by blueish Tron-like lights from under the balcony. The second floor has group work rooms and a media lab. This wasn’t an actual library, but a complete set created and filmed in the gymnasium of Maine North High School where John Hughes also filmed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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