Saturday, November 24, 2012

The wonderful world of Gavin Bishop

Four of Gavin’s most celebrated works will be available for the first time in paperback this Christmas
Award-winning author/illustrator Gavin Bishop has a lot to offer this Christmas, with paperback editions of some of his most celebrated works. The original illustrations have been digitally remastered to further show their intricacies and the raw talents of Gavin.

Katarina was first published in 1990 and tells the story of the interactions between Maori and English in the early days. It quickly became a New Zealand classic as one of the first books to contain content about the beginnings of this relationship – a theme which was continued with his later book, Kiwi Moon; the story of a little white kiwi. These books further develop this poignant relationship by using themes and imagery that are supported with Gavin’s breathtaking illustrations. A simple and heartwarming story on the surface, carries much deeper meaning that sheds new light with each read.

Counting the Stars tells the stories of four Maori myths, two of which may be familiar to children, and two lesser known. As with all of Gavin’s books, the stories are enriched by the stunning illustrations and attention to detail – Counting the Stars was shortlisted for the New Zealand Post children’s Books awards in 2005 and it continues to be a strong backlist title for families and schools alike.

Gavin’s upbringing in small-town New Zealand is brought to life in Piano Rock: a 1950s childhood. Printed for the first time in paperback, this gorgeous gift-book is the perfect present for overseas relatives this Christmas. This telling of a much-loved tale is elegantly written, and will be enjoyed by both children and their parents as you take a trip down memory lane to the simpler times. A finalist in the 2009 New Zealand Post books awards, and winner of the PANZ Book Design Awards – Piano Rock is not to be missed.

Gavin Bishop is a renowned children’s book author and illustrator.  His book Weaving Earth and Sky won the non-fiction section and the Book of the Year Award of the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2003; Taming the Sun was shortlisted for the same awards in 2005, Riding the Waves in 2007; Rats! in 2008; and Piano Rock in 2009 - among numerous other awards and accolades.

Counting the Stars                                                                             
RRP: $19.99

RRP: $19.99

Kiwi Moon
RRP: $16.99

Piano Rock
RRP: $24.99

All published by Random House

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