Saturday, November 24, 2012

NZ Books 100th issue

Contents - Editorial - Letters

3         Guy Somerset: “No need for bookshelves” (comment)
4         Peter Simpson: “Obsolescence is just the beginning” (comment)
Harry Ricketts: “At the Frankfurt Bookfair: a triolet” (poem)
5         Jane Westaway: “Royalty” (byline)
Julia Marshall: “Matters of form” (comment)
Jenny Nicholls: “Getting it covered” (comment)
Peter Russell: Karl Wolfskehl, Under New Stars: Poems of the New Zealand Exile: German and English, Friedrich Voit (ed), Andrew Paul Wood, Margot Ruben, Dean and Renate Koch (trans)
Bernard Carpinter: Paul Cleave, Collecting Cooper; Paul Cleave, The Laughterhouse; Vanda Symon, The Faceless; Ben Sanders, By Any Means
Hugh Roberts: Emma Neale, The Truth Garden; Geoff Cochrane, The Bengal Engine’s Mango Afterglow; James Brown, Warm Auditorium; Albert Wendt, Manoa to a Ponsonby Garden
Edmund Bohan: Kirstine Moffat, Piano Forte: Stories and Soundscapes from Colonial New Zealand
Dale Williams: Brian Gill, The Owl That Fell from the Sky: Stories of a Museum Curator; Chris Maclean, Stag Spooner: Wild Man from the Bush; Friedrich Krull, The Indescribable Beauty: Letters Home to Germany from Wellington, New Zealand 1859 and 1862; Matt Cowens and Debbie Cowens, Mansfield with Monsters: The Untold Stories of a New Zealand Icon
David Hill: Kerry Spackman, The Ant and the Ferrari; Jim Flynn, Fate and Philosophy
Ann Mallinson: “I will do my best to be helpful” (Margaret Mahy)
Jack Lasenby: Margaret Mahy (obituary)     
Kathryn Walls
: “Home truths and fantasy worlds” (Margaret Mahy)
Rae Varcoe: Ron Paterson, The Good Doctor: What Patients Want
Tony Simpson: Nicky Hager: Other People’s Wars: New Zealand in Afghanistan, Iraq and the War on Terror
Timothy G Jones: Doreen D’Cruz and John C Ross, The Lonely and the Alone: The Poetics of Isolation in New Zealand Fiction
Peter Bland: “We call it winter” (poem)
Margot Schwass: Alison Parr, The Occupiers: New Zealand Veterans Remember Post-War Japan; Susan Jacobs, In Love and War: Kiwi Soldiers’ Romantic Encounters in Wartime Italy
Paul Morris: Geoffrey Houghton and Hugh Morrison (eds), The Spirit of the Past: Essays on Christianity in New Zealand History
Nicholas Reid: Witi Ihimaera, The Thrill of Falling
Tatjana Schaefer: Hugh Brown, Reach; Elizabeth Pulford, Broken
Mandy Hager: Tricia Glensor, Telling Lies; Ken Catran, Earth Dragon, Fire Hare
Brian Easton: “God be with you” (byline)
Penelope Todd: “What we make of it” (comment)
Donald Kerr: “Hedging digital bets” (comment)
C K Stead: “New poetics” (byline)
Fiona Kidman: “Honey and bitters” (byline)
Tim Upperton: “Sonnet” (poem)
Prize cryptic crossword

This is a major milestone  - and it comes at a very interesting time for the future of the book, as Harry Ricketts and Jane Westaway note in their editorial. What a hugely significant achievement - 100 issues of the only New Zealand publication devoted to reviewing New Zealand books.

This100th issue will be available in the shops on 1  December. By then, subscribers will already have their copy. You can subscribe at
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