Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Wild Bunch - movers and shakers of the NZ wine industry

I wrote about the launch of this title yesterday.

One of the features of the book are the many photographs, many from personal family collections featuring the winemakers  in the book. To give you and idea three examples follow.

 The wine flows — Garry Millton, Annie Millton (née Clark), James Millton and John Clark at the opening of the Millton Vineyard winery and release of their first vintage, October 1984.

Five decades on, still strong — Nick Nobilo signing a bottle of Jubilee Red, a wine released in 2012 to celebrate his 50 years of winemaking in New Zealand; exactly which red grapes are included in this mystery red remains a secret.

Wearing angelic white — the enfant terrible of the New Zealand wine industry, Mat Donaldson, with fellow winemaker, wife and Pinot Noir perfectionist Lynnette Hudson; they are famed for their love of Burgundy, Rieslings from all over the world and some of the best parties in the southern hemisphere at Pegasus Bay winery in Waipara, North Canterbury. Pictured in their vineyard in autumn 2012.  Photograph by Stephen Goodenough

The names of all those featured are show below:

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