Thursday, November 22, 2012


 Published by Cape Horn Partners
39J Cape Horn Road, Hillsborough, Auckland 1041. New Zealand.

The New Zealand Political Cartoon Annual 2012 represents a marvellous selection of the collected works of sixteen of New Zealand’s award-winning cartoonists, compiled by Malcolm Evans, and distributed nationally by David Bateman Publishing and the Rotary club of Epsom, with all proceeds to charity.

The New Zealand Cartoon Annual 2012 is a 100 page collection of the year’s best political cartoons, as chosen by the cartoonists themselves from the body of their 2012 work, collected together in this first ever publication.
With a thoughtful foreword written by Sir Bob Jones (right) the NZ Cartoon Annual 2012 is printed in full colour and is brimming with wit and satire, and features a ten page special presentation of the caricature art of Dunedin-based Murray Webb.I spent a very pleasant hour with the new book drinking coffee at my local cafe and chortling away.

This big 100 page collection is produced in time for Christmas and is bound to be a winner with Kiwis everywhere.  Great to have – great to give –a fun way to relive the events of the year

Compiled and produced by Malcolm Evans, in association with his cartoonist colleagues and the Rotary club of Epsom, this first edition of the NZ Cartoon Annual is the forerunner of what it is hoped will become an annual publication.

Produced in a first edition print run of 3000 the NZ Cartoon Annual is marketed  jointly in New Zealand by Epsom Rotary through the Rotary - Probus network, and David Bateman Publishing through retail bookstores.

A few examples from the book are below:

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