Monday, November 05, 2012

Don Donovan's World - The Guard House, Port Arthur, Tasmania

Ramblings of a much published New Zealand author - 04 November 2012

Leaves From My Sketchbooks. 77. The Guard House, Port Arthur, Tasmania

This astonishing building was a sketcher's dream for its shapes, colour and texture. I used pen, oil pastel and watercolour washes. I suppose it was designed like this in the nineteenth century to put the fear of God and the British rule of law into the hearts and minds of convicts who, I'm sure, would not have had the strength to storm its ramparts and battlements.

THIS IS THE LAST of the leaves from my sketchbooks. I have published them as a book titled 'En Plein Air' which may be purchased as a hardback, or is FREE as an e-book for downloading to an iPad or tablet. Go to, enter 'En Plein Air' in the search box, locate my book and, I hope, enjoy it!


Many thanks to Don Donovan for making his terrific series of paintings/drawings available to Beattie's Book Blog. It has been a privilege and a pleasure Don.

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