Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Centre for the Book at the University of Otago

The Centre for the Book aims to:  

Enhance the wide range of book-centred activities that take place throughout Dunedin

Emphasize Dunedin’s rich cultural heritage in print, as producer, consumer, and preserver of books

Encourage research in all facets of the “book” (in its broadest sense) by utilizing the diverse resources available

Promote interaction and communication on the book within the University of Otago, and other local, national and international institutions 

The Centre’s Focus


To foster research by staff and post-graduate students in the role of the book in cultural and historical processes using Otago’s existing and unique English and Māori resources, e.g. Special Collections, the Hocken, Dunedin Public Libraries


To promote use and sharing of the University’s printed research collections to foster cross-disciplinary projects between departments, and to support Dunedin’s offerings in Australasian Rare Book School

To provide a forum for lectures and conferences on the history of the book and print culture, and to encourage national and international exchanges and visiting speakers
To disseminate information and news about Book events, and co-ordinate meetings with other book-focused institutions, locally, nationally, and internationally

To foster publications related to book history/print culture, including textual editing and bibliography

The Centre for the Book
University of Otago
P.O. Box 56
Dunedin, 9054
New Zealand
Ph: (03) 479-8330
Fax: (03) 479-8327

For more information contact:
Donald Kerr                donald.kerr@otago.ac.nz
Shef Rogers                 shef.rogers@otago.ac.nz

Centre for the Book: www.otago.ac.nz/books/about/
Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand http://bsanz.org/

Current Exhibition at Special Collections, University of Otago Library::

Celebrating Charles Dickens, 1812-1870: A Man of His Age
Until 13 December 2012

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