Saturday, January 21, 2012

Author John Connolly frightens seven bells out of The Bookman

Flying back from New York last week - 6.5 hours across to California, a three hour stop-over and then a 12.5 hour flight to Auckland - I passed much of the time reading John Connolly's BAD MEN and only now five days later can I bring myself to write about it.

First up I have to say that the story is wonderfully constructed and the characterisation superb with the whole thing moving along at a breathless pace. But then I have to add that it is one of the scariest books I have ever read, peopled with unbelievably wicked characters,(arguably the most evil bunch of characters in contemporary fiction), and their ghastly murderous deeds. .The book is way out there beyond Stephen King at his most terrifying. If you like to be frightened then this is the book for you, part ghost story, part thriller, totally compelling, truly awful. You have been warned.

I read the book in Hodder's marvellous flipback edition. I am a huge fan of these, perfect for travelling or commuting because they slip easily into a pocket or handbag. Check them out at
Flying across to the US I read another flipback, (they are a third the size of an e-reader), Sophie Hannah's LITTLE FACE. Another psychological thriller and another unputdownable story.
Hodders have published some 18 titles available so far in this appealing new format and have plans for many more. Included among the authors published so far are John Le Carre, James Frey, David Mitchell, Jodi Picoult and Jeffery Deaver.


Judith said...

I will take pains to avoid the Connolly then, life is scary enough as it is.

John Connolly said...

Very kind of you to say, Bookman. We aim to please, in a mildly frightening way...