Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sr Citizen by Charles Olsen

Charles Olsen was born 1969 in Nelson, New Zealand. He then lived in England for many years before moving to Madrid in Spain in 2003, where he lives now.

He is a talented painter and poet and Sr Citizen, an attractive and appealing slender volume, is his first collection to be published . It features both his poetry and art.
Most of the poems are written in Spanish and have English translations.
You can read his poetry at pensamientoslentos.blogspot.

And for bio info go here - http://www.artreview.com/profile/CharlesOlsen

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Kiwicraig said...

Cool. I met Charles while I was travelling through Spain in 2008, and wrote an article about him for a NZ lifestyle magazine, as well as one for an English-language magazine in Madrid.

He's a very interesting guy.

You can read the NZ-based article here: http://www.wildtomato.co.nz/articles/locals-abroad-brush-strokes-and-flamenco.aspx