Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A statement from Peter Robertson, President of Interlitq (now at www.interlitq.wordpress.com)

  “It was, of course, disappointing that Arts Council England did not choose to look outwards  but, in any case, we were not defeated, but  only strengthened by that apparent setback, and Interlitq has now regrouped successfully in order to engage in its essential undertaking—which is to publish the finest international literature. And, to that end, publication of Interlitq has, for the time being, migrated to
The objective of Interlitq is to continue to publish fine literature, in an array of languages, and on a daily basis, instead of publishing only every three months which was, in fact, limiting. Let me stress that Interlitq is also committed to providing a continuous platform for outstanding New Zealand literature and, to this end, we have on our new site already published work by NZ writers such as Martha Morseth:
Jane Seaford:
and Karen Zelas:
and we will be publishing a further two poems by Karen Zelas this week, with the poem “Waiting” being Interlitq’s poem for 30.01.12.
Furthermore, we are now looking forward to publishing many NZ writers over coming weeks alongside outstanding artwork by NZ artists.
I very much hope that you will all continue to enjoy Interlitq, which will continue to look outwards, to nurture literary talent across the world.”
 Peter Robertson

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