Saturday, October 09, 2010


Words on a Small Island -The Waiheke Book Festival - 9 October

Day two got off to a splendid start with Richard Wolfe talking to John Daly-Peoples about his splendid just-published title, Artists@Work, (Penguin).

The book features 24 New Zealand artists, painters and sculptors, to whom Richard Wolfe visisted and interviewed while Stephen Robinson took photographs of the artists at work in their studios.
Richard Wolfe and John Daly-Peoples are both senior NZ art commentators and in the course of their relaxed discussion Richard provided a fascinating look inside the artistic life of several  of the artists featured including Jacqueline Fahey, Stephen Bambury, Jeff Thomson, Richard McWhannell, Mary McIntyre and Neil Dawson.
Keen interest was shown by the audience when the question and answer time came and sadly time ran out before all the questions could be put.

Roger and Shirley Horrocks, accompanied by composer Eve de Castro-Robinson, then introduced the two movies they have made about Len Lye, one of which was shown during the lunch break and the other after the final session of the day.

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