Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tristan de Chalain
Strategic Publishing Group

In Wolf’s Paw, the city of Atlanta is being terrorized by someone who is killing doctors. Why is this happening and how can the killer be stopped?
Rogue government intelligence agent Aaron Ryan is a borderline sociopath. Using violence and terror to achieve his ends is second nature to him.
When his beloved stepmother dies, Ryan is convinced there has been a cover-up of medical malpractice. He uses all his skills as a covert spy to target and mete out justice to each doctor he believes had a part in his stepmother’s death.
One of those doctors is Neill Proctor, a surgeon from South Africa who now works in Atlanta. Proctor and Ryan met 15 years earlier in Angola, where Ryan was an undercover agent and Proctor was a prisoner of war.Ryan comes up with a rather unique punishment for Dr. Proctor, one the doctor will never forget. Wolf’s Paw will stay with you long after you read the final page.

About the Author:
Tristan de Chalain lives in Auckland, New Zealand, where he is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is working on his next novel.

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