Sunday, May 09, 2010

The story of one book.

Essence, a memoir by Krystine Tomaszyk, was published in English by Dunmore Press Ltd. and launched by Dame Fiona Kidman in Wellington, in 2004.
Two years later, the author was invited to translate the book into Polish for publication in Poland.

On 19 November 2009, the book, under its new Polish title, Droga i Pamięć. Przez Syberię na Antypody, was launched at the Senate – the Upper House of the Polish Parliament - during a deeply inspiring ceremony commemorating the 65th anniversary of the arrival of the Polish Children to New Zealand.

The full story of the book was to be completed in the Southern Hemisphere however when, on the initiative and under the patronage of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr.Christopher Finlayson - Essence – now in its Polish translation, was officially welcomed by the Minister back to New Zealand, during a special function at Bowen House, attended by representatives of arts and literature, diplomats, friends, family as well as the representatives of the Polish Embassy,

 Pic right - New Zealand Ambassador, Penelope Ridings, presenting her speach in Polish at the book launch.

Sadly and against all expectations, the story of the book does not end here.  Poignantly, it continues.
The vice-President of the Senate, Mrs. Krystyna Bochenek, who opened the book launch ceremony at the Senate in Poland only 5 months earlier, became one of the victims of the crash of Polish presidential plane near Katyn, already the burial ground of the 14000 victims of WWll.

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