Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chris Laidlaw
Hodder Moa - $39.99

Former All Black/diplomat/Race Relations Conciliator and now broadcaster Chis Laidlaw headed off on a NZ-wide tour yestreday after appearing at the Auckland Writers & Readers Festival over the weekend.

Haven't had time to read this yet but I have read the following description -
This book has a central proposition: that rugby is not sustainable if it continues down the commercial path it is currently following. Control of the game is being steadily transferred from those who thought they owned it to commercial and media interests who see it purely as a commodity. Of all the great team sports rugby has been the most dependent on tradition, inclusiveness and the notion of the game being more important than the individual. After a century and a half of comfortable conservatism rugby suddenly found itself confronted by a professional revolution not of its own making and it has struggled ever since to come to terms with it. This book is controversial, thought provoking and has wide appeal - it addresses a series of issues which threaten New Zealand rugby.

Would seem to be very timely too.

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