Monday, May 17, 2010

Sleeping with the Dead author back in the news this week

Sleeping with the Dead author and Kiwi humanitarian Marko Cunningham is back in the news this week.

A teacher by day, Cunningham is one of the few westerners who works voluntarily for Thailand’s free ambulance service at night.

Random House published Sleeping with the Dead last September. It’s a vivid and compelling insight into the true horror of the 2004 tsunami and its aftermath where the former Wellingtonian worked for two weeks retrieving the dead. It also covers his day to day life working on the streets.

Cunningham, pic right, who has been working in the north, has returned to Bangkok to assist with the riot-injured and dead. TVNZ Close-Up sent a crew over to Thailand earlier in the month as the Thai political situation was worsening and they accompanied Marko as he works around the clock.

Last Friday night’s Close Up story is absolutely gripping. It takes us to the heart of the chaos and captures being at the epicentre of the riots and resulting chaos:

Marko was also interviewed on National Radio’s Morning Report this morning.

The following is currently posted on the TVNZ website:
There has been another night of bloody mayhem in Bangkok. For weeks the Thai capital has been in a state of crisis as anti-government protesters camp out in the city. Around 30 people have been killed in violent clashes. On the front line is New Zealander Marko Cunningham who is helping the wounded and dying. Reporter Robyn Janes went to Bangkok to meet him. Marko's book Sleeping with the Dead is in all good book shops, and if you want to know more about him, or are interested in donating, check out his website

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