Thursday, May 06, 2010


We are delighted and honoured to publish a new sci-fi / horror novel by Margaret Mahy, due for release on 3 September. With a striking cover illustration by Gavin Bishop, Organ Music is a 'rocket of a read', says publisher Julia Marshall. 

Organ Music weaves themes of bioethics and genetic experiments with a ghost story and some truly terrifying characters.       

 An advance review from Ruby, age 11:

'I thought that it was very exciting. Throughout the whole book it was dangerous and adventurous so I couldn't put it down... I really liked this book and would give it 9 stars out of 10'   
Ages 11-14     198 x 129 mm    96 pages
Paperback with flaps   $19.99   978-1-877467-47-9    


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