Friday, May 21, 2010

The Day 'Maori' Without a Macron Became Incorrect

A note this afternoon from former book publisher Mike Bradstock:

I have just spotted in print, for the first time in a quoted passage, the word 'Maori' followed by a [sic] which could only be there to draw attention to the lack of a macron.

I think that is an event that should not pass without note.

For posterity I advise that it is in Landcare Research Science Series No. 39, page 2, para 2.


particular, cultural values. Moreover, the strategy is self-evident of this, stating: ‘The Living Earth
Company is also addressing Maori [sic] concerns about using human wastes on land for growing
food. The debate goes on, and illustrates the complex issues that will arise as we separate our waste
streams’ (MfE 2002, p. 24).

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