Monday, November 16, 2009

Exposed: The most intimate secret of erotic blogger By Arifa Akbar NZ Herald, Monday Nov 16, 2009

A former call girl whose blog became an internet phenomenon has finally been unmasked.

As an anonymous blogger, Belle de Jour became an internet phenomenon with her Diary of a London Call Girl, and a publisher's dream with her bestselling memoirs explicitly detailing her many encounters.

Now, Belle, who has ended six years of fervent speculation by revealing her identity, is hoping repeat her literary success with the publication of her first novel under her real name: Brooke Magnanti.
Whether her fans will want to read the fictive writings of a 34-year-old research scientist from Bristol, rather than the scintillating memoirs of a prostitute commanding £300-an-hour prices, will be revealed when her book is published by around 2012.
But at least she can go to her book launch. She had to forgo the parties her publisher, Orion, has thrown for her since her debut, The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl, was published in 2005, for fear of being found out.

Ms Magnanti, from Bristol, who specialises in developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology, at the Bristol Institute of Child Health, turned to prostitution to fund herself while completing a PhD in London.
Her decision to reveal her identity was hastened by a former boyfriend who threatened to expose her.
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