Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Publishers rush to beat Dan Brown
13.07.09 - The Bookseller
Publication of new books by writers such as Nick Hornby, Sebastian Faulks and William Trevor have been brought forward to give them a chance of reaching the bestseller lists before Brown's (pic left) new novel hits the shelves on 15th September, reports the Telegraph.

A senior executive at Penguin, which is publishing Trevor's new novel Love and Summer on 27th August and Hornby's new book, Juliet Naked, on 3rd September, said: "When we heard that Dan Brown's book was due out on September 15 there was a fair bit of reshuffling."Faulks' new book, A Week in December, was originally scheduled for early 2010, but will now also be published early, on 3rd September.

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