Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Libro International takes off with Outrageous Fortune
Former Reed Publisher, Peter Dowling, heads up new company and announces impressive inaugural list

Independent publisher Oratia Media is joining with South Pacific Pictures to launch Outrageous Fortune: The West Family Album on 7 August. The West Family Album is released under Libro International, the new book imprint established by Oratia Media directors Peter Dowling and Alessandra Zecchini.

This ultimate companion to the hit TV series, written by show creators Rachel Lang and James Griffin with Tim Balme, is a fun, photographic expose of New Zealand’s favourite family, along with actor insights, a quiz and a drinking game.

“Outrageous Fortune has struck a chord nationwide, and with South Pacific Pictures we saw the potential for a book to complement the series,” commented Peter Dowling.

Dowling was formerly publishing manager of Reed Publishing, while Zecchini is a well-known food and travel writer. Their Titirangi-based business is drawing upon the pool of creative talent in Auckland’s west, led by former Reed managing editor Carolyn Lagahetau. Orders and distribution are through Publishers Distribution Limited in Avondale.

Libro International’s list focuses on non-fiction, Māori, history, business and self-help, as well as children’s books. Libro relaunched Tim Tipene’s junior novel Kura Toa in May.
Next on the list is the September release of The Iron-Bound Coast, a limited-edition illustrated history of Karekare in the first part of last century, written by the late Wallace Badham and edited by Bob Harvey, mayor of Waitakere City.
Then October will come First to Care, Graeme Hunt’s landmark history of the Order of St John in New Zealand, in a richly illustrated, full-colour printing.

Outrageous Fortune: The West Family Album, ISBN 978-1-877514-00-5, $29.99, available 7 August

The Iron-Bound Coast: Karekare in the Early Years, ISBN 978-1-877514-01-2, $60; available from 12 September

First to Care: 125 Years of the Order of St John in New Zealand 1885–2010, ISBN 978-1-877514-03-6, $60, available from 23 October
Kura Toa: Warrior School, ISBN 978-1-877514-02-9, $24.99, available now

For more information on Libro International check out http://www.oratiamedia.com/
or contact peter@oratiamedia.com, 09 817 2951.

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