Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Harry Potter: the last battle

On one side: global-celebrity author JK Rowling. On the other: an amateur fan site devoted to the world's favourite boy wizard. At stake: the soul of Harry Potter.

John Crace in The Guardian on the court case that has the publishing world holding its breath T

The online version of the Harry Potter Lexicon has grown to include information about the films

She doesn't court publicity. She doesn't flaunt her wealth. She has turned a generation of kids on to reading. She has given millions to charity. At a time when most celebs can't bear to be ignored, JK Rowling has been a model of restraint. In little more than a decade since the first Harry Potter book was published, she has barely put a foot wrong in making the transition from hard-up single mother to one of the UK's richest people, with an estimated wealth of £545m. As the Harry Potter brand went global, Rowling herself remained distanced, in the public's imagination, from the grubbier commercial nitty-gritty. It is as if she was an accidental multimillionaire.

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