Thursday, March 09, 2017

New Zealand Books - Issue 117

Issue 117 of New Zealand Books will be on sale in the shops this Friday.  It
features luminaries Martin Edmond, C K Stead, Kevin Ireland and Stephanie Johnson, reviewing
memoir and fiction and remembering friends and colleagues, while Robert
Sullivan, Alex Calder and  Therese Crocker elevate a conversation about
the Treaty. There’s also a new poem from Fleur Adcock. Full list of contents below.
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2       Editorial
3       Kevin Ireland: Adam Dudding, My Father’s Island: A Memoir
4       Helene Wong: Tyl von Randow, Red Dust Over Shanghai: A Shanghai-New Zealand Memoir 1937-1954
5       Martin Edmond: Nick Bollinger, Goneville: A Memoir; Richard von Sturmer, This Explains Everything
6       Andrew Schmidt: Roger Shepherd, In Love with these Times: My Life with Flying Nun Records; Karl Du Fresne, A Road Tour of American Song Titles: From Mendocino to Memphis
7       Paul Morris, James McNeish (obituary)
8       C K Stead, Mike Doyle (obituary)
10     Trevor Agnew: Peter Gossage, Maui and other Māori Legends: 8 Classic Tales of Aotearoa
11     Linda Burgess: Glyn Harper (Jenny Cooper illus), Gladys Goes to War; David Hill (Phoebe Morris illus), Speed King; Richard Fairgray and Terry Jones, My Grandpa is a Dinosaur; Raymond McGrath, Did You Hear a Monster?
12     Ron Palenski: Matt Elliott, War Blacks: The Extraordinary Story of New Zealand’s World War 1 All Blacks
13     Robert Sullivan: Danny Keenan, Te Whiti o Rongomai and the Resistance of Parihaka
14     Andrew Erueti: Brian Bargh, The Struggle for Māori Fishing Rights: Te Ika a Māori; Chris Paulin with Mark Fenwick, Te Matau a Maui: Fish-hooks, Fishing and Fisheries in New Zealand
15     Alex Calder: Miranda Johnson, The Land is Our History: Indigeneity, Law, and the Settler State; Peter Adds, Brigitte Bönish-Brednich, Richard S Hill, Graeme Whimp (eds), Reconciliation, Representation and Indigeneity: “Biculturalism” in Aotearoa New Zealand
16     Therese Crocker: Rachael Bell, Margaret Kawharu, Kerry Taylor, Michael Belgrave and Peter Meihana (eds), The Treaty on the Ground: Where We are Headed, and Why it Matters; Carwyn Jones, New Treaty, New Tradition: Reconciling New Zealand and Māori Law
17     Stephanie Johnson: Catherine Chidgey, The Wish Child
18     John McCrystal: Sue Younger, Days are like Grass; Danyl McLauchlan, Mysterious Mysteries of the Aro Valley
19     Catriona Ferguson: Emma Neale, Billy Bird
20     Anna Mackenzie: Maurice Gee, The Severed Land; Brian Falkner, Shooting Stars; Des Hunt, Cool Nukes
21     Caitlin Walker: Janis Freegard, The Year of Falling
22     Guy Somerset: Kate De Goldi and Susan Paris (eds), Annual
23     David Cohen: Nicola Legat (ed), The Journal of Urgent Writing 2016; Susanna Andrew and Jolisa Gracewood (eds), Tell You What 2017: Great New Zealand Nonfiction
24     Bookshelf
25     Helen Heath: Cilla McQueen, In a Slant Light: A Poet’s Memoir
26     Sarah Sharp: Harry Holland (Dougal McNeill ed), Robert Burns: Poet and Revolutionist
Fleur Adcock: “The Old Government Buildings” (poem)
27     Anne Else: Jane Carswell, Talk of Treasure

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