Friday, March 10, 2017

Look, Mum, I’m on TV! Books on the Small Screen

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Look, Mum, I’m on TV! Books on the Small Screen

by Emma Bryson

With some exciting new releases currently hitting TV screens and paid streaming sites, it looks like great books will continue to create small screen gold this year.

The TV series adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events released on Netflix in early January, followed in February by HBO’s miniseries Big Little Lies (currently available here on Neon); and with several more noteworthy releases in the next few months, from Neil Gaiman’s eagerly-anticipated American Gods  to Anne of Green GablesThe Handmaid’s Tale, and a BBC series of The Cuckoo’s Calling later this year, there is something for every book lover to eagerly look forward to, or love to hate, in the upcoming line-up of small screen adaptations.


So, what is it about books that make great TV series, and do these small screen releases see Netflix junkies flooding bookshops? Is there room in the New Zealand market for an outstanding TV series based on a New Zealand book, and what books do we hope will be the next to grace the small screen?
I talked to Jenni Keestra and Craig Atkinson from Paper Plus Head Office, Jenna Todd from Time Out Bookstore, Jemma Pirrie from McLeods Booksellers, Sandra Noakes from HarperCollins New Zealand, and Kathryn Burnett – screenwriter, story consultant and screenwriting tutor – about book to TV trends to learn more about these adaptations. Read on.

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