Friday, March 03, 2017

A.C.Grayling : The Age of Genius

A.C. Grayling: The Age of Genius

'Grayling is a natural educator … He provides concise and helpful summaries of pertinent events and ideas' – Spectator
'If there is any such person in Britain as The Thinking Man, it is A.C. Grayling' –  The Times

The Sydney Writers' Festival is pleased to present an evening with esteemed philosopher and bestselling author A.C. Grayling at the Seymour Centre on Wednesday 5 April at 7.30pm.
A.C. Grayling is one of the world's most widely read and celebrated philosophers. His latest work The Age of Genius explores how the 17th century, fuelled by original and unorthodox thinking, war and technological invention, became the crucible of modernity. This period marks a radical turning-point in human thought: we moved from the alchemy and astrology of John Dee to the painstaking observation and astronomy of Galileo, while the Church-favoured classicism of Aristotle gave way to the evidence-based investigation of Francis Bacon.
A.C. Grayling asks what happened to the European mind between 1605, when an audience watching Macbeth might believe that the act of killing a king causes ghosts to burst from the ground, and 1649, when a large crowd could stand and watch the execution of a king. 
Join A.C. Grayling for a thought-provoking talk about how such a turbulent century heralded 'the greatest ever change in the mental outlook of humanity' – a time he refers to as The Age of Genius.

A.C. Grayling: The Age of Genius
Wednesday, 5 April at 7.30pm
York Theatre, Seymour Centre

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