Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Zealand Greatscapes - a great achievement and will be enjoyed by armchair and real-world travellers alike

New Zealand Greatscapes
Iconic enduring images from the David Kerr Greatscapes Collection
  David Kerr


Hardcover: 128 pages

RRP: $39.95

Distributor: Bateman
New Zealand Greatscapes is a beautiful hardcover coffee table book featuring New Zealand imagery shot by landscape photographer David Kerr. This compilation of David’s favourite photographs, shot over the last 35 years, takes the reader through an ever-changing New Zealand landscape.

Renowned for creating images relevant to the character of a particular location or region, David Kerr’s photos celebrate our deep fiords, fresh water lakes and rivers surrounded by lush rain forests, and the golden beaches of the far-north. David says: ‘many of these locations remain as unspoiled today as when I first visited them, but some of these images are also a testament to what we have lost. I hope I can connect viewers to memories of these places - and provide an inspiration to visit, and to conserve.’

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About the author

David Kerr is a self-taught landscape photographer who gained most of his skills working in advertising agencies in 1980s England. In those pre-computer days visuals were hand-drawn with marker pens, and the key element was to create a visual image with punch. David has carried this skill forward to today, shooting images with strong composition, powerful lighting, and excellent location choice. Patience has also been an essential ingredient in David’s photography, many hours have been spent waiting for the right light (or a cooperating tide) before the photo has been taken.

David lives in Auckland's eastern suburbs and his favorite beach is Kohimarama where he enjoys swimming in the summer and adventuring on his kayak year round. When in Auckland he also spends time on Auckland's rugged west coast discovering new locations to capture images. He enjoys visiting Auckland’s art galleries, often gaining inspiration for his photographic work through various forms of art and sculpture.


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