Friday, October 11, 2013

New Zealand publishers build on Frankfurt Book Fair success

New Zealand has another strong presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which opened today in Germany, building on the success of its Guest of Honour appearance last year, Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Christopher Finlayson said.
The book fair, the world’s largest media and content fair, had unprecedented success in 2012 with New Zealand’s Guest of Honour programme.
This year 20 New Zealand publishers are attending the five-day fair, capitalising on last year’s high profile throughout Germany and Europe. As a result of last year’s fair New Zealand’s book rights sales were ten times greater than normal.
Mr Finlayson said the Fair brought attention to New Zealand’s publishing and educational sectors.
“Being Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair connected the world’s best publishers, as well as gaming and film producers, with our cultural creators,” he said. “The response we’ve had since the fair has been significant and I am pleased our presence continues to be strong in 2013.”
Sam Elworthy, the president of the Publisher’s Association of New Zealand said in the past 12 months the increase in interest in New Zealand literature has smoothed the way for New Zealand publishers to meet new clients and sell more book rights.
“Publishers here saw the opportunity, and put in the ground work; 2012’s book fair was a hugely busy one for New Zealand’s publishers and 2013 is about building on last year’s new relationships and continuing to strengthen our presence in the international market.”
New Zealand’s Guest of Honour pavilion, where books, film and animation from Aotearoa was presented, was acclaimed for its design and architecture. Overall book fair ticket sales increased by 6% last year and the organisers attributed this to the huge public interest in the New Zealand pavilion which received almost 70,000 visitors.
Christopher Finlayson 10 OCTOBER, 2013


Keri Hulme said...

I didnt go the 2012 Frankfurt bookfair ( I had 3 invitations but I havent travelled overseas since 1998.)
S. Fischer is my publisher for 2 books in Germany: this year - for the first time - they have sent me a negative royalty statement - hugely negative.

I've been receiving royalty statements for over 35 years.
This one is a lulu: apparently,
*despite Fischer reprinting "Unter Dem Tagmond" for the 12th time
**and putting out pocketbook editions of that & "Stienfisch"
***and the Franfurt book-fair-

I OWE THEM rather a lot of money-

according to the royalty statement -which gets the last royalty payment wrong - and claims a negative balance for ebooks (they DO NOT HAVE e-rights!!!)

they havent sold anything since Spetember 2012...

I am bewildered by this fiasco - and will be pursueing the matter vigourously & legally-

anyone who can shed light on S. Fischer verlag's behaviour is welcome to contact me-cheers Keri Hulme

Keri Hulme said...

Obviously, the tie-in was: "New Zealand Publishers build on FBF success- this author most emphatically did not-"