Thursday, October 10, 2013

Andrew Wylie on Bezos, Penguin/RH Merger

Shelf Awareness

"I am not one of those who thinks that Amazon's publishing business is an effort marked by sincerity. If you are as clever as Jeff Bezos, you don't do it the way he's doing it.... I believe that Amazon has its print publishing business so that their behavior as a distributor of digital content can be misperceived by the Department of Justice and the publishing industry in a way that is convenient for Amazon's bottom line. That is exactly what I think....
"I am optimistic about Penguin Random. It will need a lot of product to feed its size. I think it will help sustain the industry--not only itself, but others. If you eat all the grass on the hill, eventually you don't have any topsoil, Mr. Bezos. I think the balance sheet of publishers will strengthen, and then, through negotiation, the balance sheet of writers will strengthen."

--Literary agent Andrew Wylie in an interview with the New Republic

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